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Transportation: Tunnelling as an Option

CCD Files As more vehicles continue to be imported by Caribbean member states and the road network becomes more complex, governments will be forced to take a more strategic look at their transportation network. Recent studies conducted throughout Europe and other parts of Asia suggest that underground road construction will be inevitable as cities become more crowded. According to one report, it is anticipated that 10% of the trunk road network... [Read More...]

The Independence and Impartiality of an Arbitrator

Ian Rollit  Bsc., FRICS, FCIOB, MCIArb Arbitrator, Ajudicator, Mediator & Chartered Project Management Surveyor Introduction An arbitration agreement is a contractual clause evidencing agreement or a separate agreement to refer future disputes to arbitration. Arbitration clauses in contracts are phrased in a variety of ways so that the tribunal may have jurisdiction over: “all claims”; “all disputes”; “all differences”. The contractual... [Read More...]

Innovative Solutions Required to Combat Worries Over Economic Recovery

Kavena Ransoobhag  MSc. Economics Introduction Global economic recovery is mounting an unbalanced recovery with growth being slow in advanced economies and much stronger in emerging market economies. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts that the global economy will expand by 4.8 percent in 2010 amongst feelings of over zealousness in the number by some. Is Trinidad & Tobago to be included in the list of emerging market economies that... [Read More...]

China Revisited

Jefferson Sooknarine  MSc. (Stanford-Sloan Fellow) In addition to visiting several Asian countries, I have made three visits to China over the past fifteen years, the last being in 1999. Since my retirement, my wife Nyla and I have been trotting the globe; With China being a recent destination. When compared to 1999, what I saw in China in 2009, as far as active construction is concerned, was a real shock to me. What I witnessed in Guangzhou, Beijing,... [Read More...]

Welcoming the Carpetbaggers whilst waiting for Godot

A few days ago my Assistant asked me “what in your opinion makes a good editorial?” “Something that is topical, grounded in theory, mixed with a bit of philosophy, politics, economics, strategy, considers the global perspective….” “All of that” she interrupted “but what else?” Sensing that, as usual, she already had her opinion, I posed the question back to her, “what in your opinion makes a good editorial?” She replied, “well,... [Read More...]

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